Animal Shelter Simulator 2

We are responsible for those we take care of. And that particularly refers to animals. Unlike us, humans, they can’t get money to buy food, or treat themselves when they are ill. And if a dog or a cat gets kicked out of home, they have to find shelter somewhere in the street, getting cold in winter and shivering in the autumn rain. Things like that just shouldn’t exist in our civilized world! So if you are worried about the fate of all the poor puppies and kitties abandoned out there, welcome to Animal Shelter Simulator 2 where you run your own establishment for homeless pets!

Run your own animal shelter!

This game will show you what it’s like to take care of several animals at once. You’ll get a small house at first (which can be made bigger as you progress through the game, complete missions and earn money to expand your shelter). This is where you’ll have to accommodate your furry charges. There will be room just for a few of them at the beginning, but don’t worry. Once you find a new home for your first wards, you’ll be able to accept new ones and help more animals that were left without a roof over their heads.

Your goal here is to pick up dogs and cats off the streets, offer them a nice cozy place to live and spend time with them until you find a permanent residence and a new owner for them. During this time, you have to make sure the animals under your charge are well-fed, groomed and cured of any illnesses they might have caught while they were roaming the streets. Once the first-priority problems are dealt with, it’s time to socialize your pets a bit so that they are home-friendly!

Help homeless cats and dogs to start a new life!

Since most of your charges will come from a cruel and hostile environment, you shouldn’t expect their character to be sunny and issue-free. Of course, some pets will be nice and friendly from the start. But some need to be taught to trust humans again and behave in a decent home. So the more time you spend with your animals walking, playing with them and petting them the better they will be suited for living with people. There are plenty of exciting stories and situations waiting for you in Animal Shelter Simulator 2!

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