Animal Shelter Simulator

Have you always loved animals and wanted to help them? Can you be touched by the sight of a wet kitten meowing plaintively under a bench, and you can’t walk past a dog with sad eyes? Then welcome to Animal Shelter Simulator! In this game you will have your own shelter for abandoned and stray animals, where they can find a roof over their heads, loving hands and new owners!

Take care of all those poor cats and dogs!

The virtual shelter is always full of work. New pets will come to you in large quantities, and all of them need to be attached somewhere. They will enter your establishment hungry, dirty, or even sick. You must see to it that they are all fed and put in order. After all, hardly anyone wants to take an emaciated dog, whose ribs stick out and which is covered with lichen. So the first step is to bring all the pets in the proper form!

Then you have to find an approach to everyone, because if they ended up in your shelter, their past life was hardly cloudless. Some animals are very scared and do not make contact – you need to be especially affectionate and friendly with them so that they gradually get used to you and are not afraid to interact with people. Walk more often and play with them, then they will certainly thaw! And some of your guests will amaze you with a wild and vicious disposition – these need to be trained and educated. After all, no one else wants to do business with them! Your task is to socialize all the foundlings as much as possible and find a new home for them. Then you can accept new pets that are constantly on the street without supervision!

Find new homes for your charges and expand your shelter!

As you become more experienced and earn money for completed tasks, you can expand your shelter and equip it with all sorts of improvements that will make the life of your pets much more comfortable and happy. These cats and dogs are so lacking in warmth and care! Who else but you will take care of them?

As in any job, difficulties and problems await you, but you will definitely cope with them if you show perseverance and keep working hard. The more animals that are successfully adopted through your efforts, the more proud you will be of your accomplishments. Start playing Animal Shelter Simulator right now and try to find a home for each of your four-legged wards! They will be really grateful to you for all your help and kindness!

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