Cat Simulator: Kitty Craft

Many of us have a cat. And looking at him, you involuntarily think – what is going on in his head, how does he perceive this world and in general what is it like to be a cat? In this game you have a chance to find out!

Everyone wants to be a cat!

Create your own cat from scratch – coat color and length, face shape, gender and other features can be customized in the editor. You will start your journey as a little kitten who is interested in everything and who happily explores the world around him. First you have to climb everything in the house (feel free to knock down pots from the windows and swing on the curtains!). Then you will go out into the yard and see what awaits you there. The game has many opportunities to have fun. You can also meet other cats, upgrade your character’s skills, complete quests and earn points! It will be great!

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