Fox Family Simulator

There are hardly any animals more cunning, cautious and graceful than foxes. You won’t notice them in the open, just walking somewhere in the forest – they keep their guard and prefer to work stealthily. But returning from a walk to your farm, you can find feathers scattered around the chicken coop – the only traces of a fox living somewhere nearby. In this game, you have to put on a fox skin and learn from your own experience what a fox’s life is!

Is it hard to be a fox?

It will be incredibly interesting! After creating a character, you will begin to explore your habitat, discover new places on the map and, of course, check them for food. Foraging will be the basis of your pastime, but don’t forget about safety – there are plenty of hunters and larger predators around! And you still have to create a family and raise cubs … A lot of interesting things await you, so let’s begin!

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