PowerWash Simulator

Every big city is a place where trash and pollution accumulate at a tremendous rate. And if you don’t take care of keeping the city clean, it will quickly turn into a contaminated and disgusting place where it’s impossible to live. In PowerWash Simulator, your job is to make sure this beautiful virtual town is properly cleansed of all the rubbish!

Time to get rid of all that trash!

For that purpose, you’ll have a special kind of transport that you can ride around the map heading for the dirtiest spots that should be taken care of as soon as possible. It will be equipped with a powerful water hydrant that will be simply washing all the trash off the streets. Your task is to arrive at another destination, turn on your device and watch this fragment of the city turning clean and shiny again!

Make the city clean and beautiful again!

As you progress through the game, you’ll get more and more work to do. The contaminations you’ll have to deal with will become more serious and it will take you more time to handle them. However, you’ll also earn money for each successfully completed mission that can be spent on upgrading your transport and turning it into an advanced vehicle of the kind capable of washing off even real heaps of trash in a minute that would have taken days to get rid of otherwise. Play this addicting game promoting eco values and take pride in your contribution to the protection of the environment!

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