Sakura School Simulator Drama

We all love games where we’re not limited by certain storyline and can just do whatever we want. Sakura School Simulator is just the kind of game! Here you will be going to a regular Japanese school as a teen who is preoccupied with usual issues – making friends, finding a girlfriend (or boyfriend), getting good grades and of course spending a great time!

Just like real life!

The whole gameplay is designed in the form of freely exploring the map of the city. In the morning, you’re supposed to go to school. But it’s not obligatory and if you feel like skipping it today, you can easily do it! After all, there are many other places where you can go. Each of them has its own set of entertainments and activities that you can try. Even simply walking into a cafe may become an opening for some pretty crazy interactions.

The rest of the characters surrounding you will keep living their usual lives, sometimes you can witness a variety of scenes unfolding between them and intrude in the course of these events. For instance, try and steal a girlfriend from some guy at the table or start a fight with a random character right in the street!

What will a new day at school bring you!

But of course the main fun awaits you at the campus. That’s where you can meet most of the heroes of your age. Depending on the phrases you choose to say to them (selecting from the options in the dialogue menu), your relationships may grow into real friendship or become hostile. It’s up to you! Start playing Sakura School Simulator right now and see for yourself!

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