Tiger Simulator 3D

Somewhere in the jungles of Asia, securely camouflaged in the grass thanks to its glossy striped coat, a ferocious and proud tiger roams. It would seem that the life of this predator is carefree, because it is the strongest and fastest. But everything is not so simple and you will see for yourself by playing this game!

A day in the life of a tiger

Tiger Simulator will let you feel like a real tiger. You will be able to walk on all fours, growl loudly and make incredible jumps while hunting your prey. However, tracking down and catching an antelope is a rather difficult task. You will have to adapt to become a successful hunter. The tiger needs a lot of food, so you can’t sit still. Especially if you have just had babies and you need to feed them too. You will find many amazing discoveries and interesting tasks!

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