Unicorn Family Simulator: Magic Horse World

Have you ever wanted to meet some magical creature? For instance, a unicorn. They don’t roam out in the wild and we can’t see them in zoos. But fortunately, there are games allowing you to get to know these wonderful beings better and even create a whole family of them!

Is this really a unicorn?..

In this amazing game, you’ll have to start your own unicorn family. As you know, these creatures are very loyal and kind, so they always stick together. When a unicorn finds a pair, it’s for the rest of their lives. And how cute it is to watch their sweet little unicorns prancing around the lawn, each having a tiny horn on their head that already can produce a handful of magic dust! Start by choosing the appearance of your characters. Then proceed to run their daily lives, complete various tasks and gain points that can be spent on improving them!

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