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Animal Shelter Simulator Game Play Online Free

Animal Shelter Simulator is a game that will surely appeal to all animal lovers. Here you will be in charge of your own shelter for homeless cats and dogs that wander the streets without food, a place to sleep over and human care. At your virtual establishment, they will get a chance to find a new home and live a happy life!

Become a pet nanny!

The essence of the gameplay is much similar to what you would do in real life if you had a shelter like that. You will be picking up animals left in the street and accommodating them in your little house. Well, it will be little at first and you won’t be able to host too many kitties and puppies, so you have to use the space at your disposal rationally. However, after completing the first few missions, you will earn some money that can be spent on expanding the territory of your establishment and improving the conditions of living there for your four-legged furry wards.

Like all living creatures, these animals need to be fed (some of them have been hungering for a long time and need special care), washed and groomed. Whenever there is a new charge walking into your shelter, you have to make sure his or her basic needs are met. If the animal is sick, you need to take the poor thing to the doctor or treat the illness on your own. A healthy and happy dog has more chances to be adopted than a bad-looking and unsocialized one!

Make sure they find a new home!

Speaking of socializing, it’s an important part of playing Animal Shelter Simulator. All the animals come with different character traits. And while some of them are sweet and friendly, others have had a lot of hardships in their homeless life and need your assistance in learning to behave around people. The more time you spend attending to them, talking, walking, playing and doing all other kinds of things together, the more social they will become.

The game will amaze you with beautiful and rather realistic graphics, lots of tasks that will allow you to improve your animal caring skills and earn rewards necessary for making your shelter even better and of course cute characters that look and behave just like real dogs and cats. You’ll surely enjoy your time spent in this incredible simulator and maybe will even learn a few useful things about animals you didn’t know before. Embark on this awesome animal rescuing quest and see if you can find new homes for all of them!

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