Animal Revolt Battle Simulator 2

Ever since the emergence of the first organic forms of life on earth, it has all been about struggle for survival. Species have constantly competed for a place under the sun, and evolution has equipped them with all means for that. While some rely on their sheer size and strength, others survive thanks to their speed and maneuverability. And while some kinds of animals are natural enemies, others may exist side by side for centuries without getting in each other’s way. Until they clash in Animal Revolt Battle Simulator 2!

Let the war of species begin!

The second part of the innovative battle simulator featuring various kinds of animals and creatures (both those that have long went down in history and those existing nowadays, those they really roamed the earth and those made up by human imagination) has become even more spectacular and content-rich! The developers have added new units that can fill the ranks of your virtual armies. Each of them has their own special abilities inherent in this particular species and it’s interesting to watch how they interact on the battlefield. For instance, you can set up an army of giant insects against a crowd of dinosaurs and see who wins!

So realistic, so fascinating!

Everything that will happen in Animal Revolt Battle Simulator 2 is highly realistic. The graphical constituent is on the highest level, you can really enjoy the lifelikeness of what’s going on in front of you. This is going to be an exciting experience, and thanks to a wide variety of combinations within each army, it will be new every time. Start playing this awesome game right now and make up your own opinion about it!

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