Horse Simulator 3D

Once upon a time, horses were wild. They grazed freely and galloped in the meadows in whole herds. Then a man tamed a horse, and they got used to living on farms, pulling carriages and doing other work. Which life is better? This is what you have to find out by playing Horse Simulator 3D!

Look at the world through the eyes of a horse!

In this game you can become a horse and find out what the life of this beautiful and graceful animal consists of! The first thing you have to do is customize the appearance of your character. Then you will dive into the gameplay, which will consist of exploring the map, replenishing various vital parameters (hunger, thirst, health and sleep) and completing tasks. You can even find a life partner, enter into a relationship with him or her and have foals! Start playing right now and learn all about horse life!

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