Sakura School Simulator

Far away, on the sunny shores of Japan, there is a place called Sakura Town. It’s a cozy and picturesque city that you’ll get to explore and enjoy all kinds of activities available here playing Sakura School Simulator! Plunge right into the gameplay and see what’s there in store for you!

What’s it like to be a Japanese teenager?

Here you will play the role of a regular school boy. Or girl. The game allows you to choose a character either from the list of readily available ones or make your own using the highly detailed and versatile features of the character creation menu. Then the fun begins!

Your day will start in your own house. That you can also furnish and redesigned to your own taste. Over time, when you accumulate enough money, you can buy a new one and basically move to a more prestigious neighborhood. As well as a wide range of vehicles, weapons and other interactive objects that will diversify your stay in Sakura Town.

Explore the school, make friends and have fun!

Most of the gameplay will unfold at the campus of Sakura School where your character goes. There you will be able to make new friends or even find a significant other to date. There are several options of interacting with other heroes that will pop up once you approach one. You can talk and try to establish a friendly relationship – in that case, more options will become available, like going out together or visiting each other’s houses.

Or you can pick up a fight right away, in the street. Even kill someone! Just don’t be surprised if you end up at a local police station. Luckily, everything will reset itself with a new day. So even if you die, you will simply respawn in your house. So, are you ready to begin?

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