Crazy Pig Simulator

This pig used to live a usual pig life nibbling grass at its home farm and rolling in the dirt. It seemed like a paradise. But then one day he found out why he was really kept there – to be turned into a steak in the long run! Naturally, our character didn’t like this idea. So he decided to run away and see if it’s any different out there, in the big world!

Goodbye farm, hello freedom!

Your journey will start at the farm. You need to break out of here, the easiest way to do it being crashing through the fence. But first it will be fun simply to race around and cause as many destruction as you can. You’ll be getting points for that and you can spend them on upgrading your pig. It will get much more exciting as you make your way through the suburbs and then through the city where there are a lot more gameplay possibilities waiting for you!

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