Swarm Simulator: Evolution

Have you ever seen a couple of swans swimming gracefully in a quiet pond? These beautiful snow-white birds have always occupied a worthy place in folklore and art, being a symbol of purity and fidelity. If you love swans too, welcome to this game that will surely amaze you with its graphics and gameplay!

What’s it like to be a swan?

Here you can create your own swan character and live the full life of a waterfowl! You can customize the slightest nuances of your character’s appearance by choosing his breed, color and gender. You have to live in a picturesque reservoir, look for food and shelter, master the features of swimming, diving for algae and fish, as well as flying. Over time, you will choose a mate for yourself and have chicks, which will also need to be taken care of. Well, it’s time to jump in and get started!

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